Home reared and locally produced








We are a family run business who purchased Cherry Orchard Farm  in 1986. The farm is situated in the beautiful Wye Valley between Monmouth and Chepstow.


The farm extends to just over ninety acres and is all permanent pasture. We use traditional methods of farming using minimal amounts of  inorganic fertilisers, instead using farmyard manure. This not only puts vital nutrients back into the soil, but adds to the soil structure. This ensures that a reasonable amount of grazing is produced every year. We also rent other pastures in the area, most of which are in similar schemes.


The farm herd consists of our small herd of pedigree Galloway cattle and our main herd of Hereford x Friesian cows. The Galloway is one of the oldest and purest of our native cattle breeds. The females are maternal, hardy and produce an excellent beefy calf, which is in great demand by people wanting highest quality, natural grown beef.


We have recently found that by using our pedigree Hereford bull on the Galloways produces meat of a more superior quality. It has the flavour of Galloway with the succulence of Hereford.


The Galloway is a traditional breed and this system suits them well, allowing the beef to mature slowly and adding to its taste and flavour. We believe that meat from animals fed on a natural diet will be as tender as it is richly aromatic and savoury.

We know that the health of our animals benefits from a life enjoyed outdoors in clean air. Stress is also kept to an absolute minimum, with no-over crowding and a short journey to our local abattoir. We also believe that healthy animals produce quality meat.

We perceive you, our customers, as a community of like minded people who enthusiastically share an enjoyment of the very best, seasonal food produced on the farm and delivered directly to your door.


The Galloway is famous for producing beef of the highest quality on low cost rations. Studies have shown that Galloway beef is low in total fat and in saturated fat. The beef is also high in beneficial Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, therefore more beneficial than pork and as good as chicken or salmon.